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“We live a very ephemeral life on this planet. The worst thing we can do is to die without having lived”

-Prince EA

excerpt from book

David Passiak: I love this idea of one Earth, but billions of worlds. It reminds me of a powerful line in one of your recent videos “ Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives” where you apologize and say, “Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream; that dream had him. People don’t have dreams; dreams choose them. And we all need the courage to live out the dreams we have inside.”

Many of the people reading this book are entrepreneurs and innovators who are constantly filled with doubts and struggle with the courage to pursue their dreams. Even when they succeed, at times they experience imposter syndrome, where they feel like an imposter for looking successful, when deep down they are consumed with doubt. Do you remember when your dream chose you? How did you overcome doubt and have the courage to pursue your dream?

Prince EA: One word: death. Perhaps the greatest teacher of how to live is death. There’s a book called The Tibetan Book on Living and Dying. In the beginning, it quotes the Buddha saying, “Don’t think. But if you must think, let it be on the certainty of your death.” The Buddha says that of all footprints, those of the elephant are greatest, and of all meditations, that upon death is the greatest. Death reveals what’s important. It takes away the ego and leads you to realize the ephemeral nature of life and existence. Every moment is so fleeting, this unrepeatable miracle that we call “moments.”

We have to live our most authentic selves. The path to serenity is that which is not reliant upon a certain result. We must give up the desire for a certain result and put all of our effort into the action itself, the creation, and the service. The result will be up to God, the universe, Buddha, Allah, I don’t know. But all we can do is our best. When we realize that we don’t know if we have 50 years, 5 years, or 5 minutes left, then it dissolves the ego. We’ve got to be here now and find out how can we live the truest versions of ourselves today. Not tomorrow. Today.

PRINCE EA has touched the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of people world-wide. By producing creative, inspirational, and thought-provoking content, he has accumulated over 500 million views on the Facebook and YouTube platforms alone. Born and raised on the North Side of St. Louis Missouri, the 28-year old poet, film-maker, and speaker graduated Magna Cum Laude from a full scholarship at the University of Missouri St. Louis, with his BA in Anthropology. Today, when he’s not creating, he speaks at conferences and gives lectures to high school/university students nationwide, on the topics of self-development, living your passion, and the importance of being motivated and engaged in the classroom.