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“If you help someone out with something that they are dying to do in the world, you make a fast friend who is willing to go the distance for you”

-Neal Gorenflo

excerpt from book

David Passiak: It’s so important to remember that life is a journey and not a chain of decisions from job to job, project to project, venture to venture. The power of sharing comes from within and opens us to new possibilities in every aspect of our lives.

I heard you talk about a similar idea before. If you help someone with the thing that they are dying to do or that’s the most important thing to them in the world, then they will want to help you back. By totally focusing on the intent and the purpose of helping others, you create this kind of network or ripple effect of profound change in the world.

Neal Gorenflo: If you help someone out with something that they are dying to do in the world, you make a strong bond and they are willing to help you. If you do that hundreds of times, then what comes back to you is more profound and more meaningful than you can plan. That changed my life more than anything.

It showed me how you can get things done in a different way that is organic, powerful and without struggle. I am such a strong believer in sharing, generosity, and collaboration because I experienced the transformation personally. So have many of the people at Shareable. It is not just an idea to talk about. Sharing is part of what we feel and what we want in our lives.

NEAL GORENFLO is the co-founder and Executive Director of Shareable, a nonprofit that publishes the world’s leading online magazine about sharing and supports the global sharing movement through campaigns. He is a speaker, consultant, and writer on sharing cities, the sharing economy, travel, and the future of work. He is the co-editor of the sharing-themed books Share or Die, Policies for Shareable Cities, and How to Share. As a pioneer of the sharing cities movement, he advises mayors, communities, and organizations around the world how to meet their goals through sharing.